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Facing a blank screen? Multiple reasons could be behind it, and we’re on a mission to uncover the culprit. Our expert diagnosis will pinpoint the issue, whether it’s a faulty connection, a mischievous graphics card, or something else. Trust us to get to the bottom of your issue and back in action!


Sick of games crashing? We’ve got the fix! Our experts dig deep into your system to find and squash those annoying bugs causing game crashes. At Springfield PC PROS, we’re all about keeping your gaming experience smooth and uninterrupted. Let’s level up your gaming without the crashes!

Wont turn on

Feeling powerless? We’re here to bring back the energy. Whether it’s a failing power supply, a stubborn motherboard, or a rogue cable, our skilled team will investigate and restore the power flow. Count on us to flip the switch and get your system buzzing with life again!

we are springfield's #1 rated computer repair facility

wont boot

Stuck in a boot loop or facing a stubborn startup issue? No worries! Our expert team specializes in unraveling the mysteries behind computers that refuse to boot up. From software glitches to hardware hiccups, we’ll navigate through the complexities to ensure your computer boots up smoothly. Trust us to kickstart your system into action!


Is your CPU feeling the heat? Overheating issues can slow down your system and potentially damage components. Our skilled technicians are here to tackle overheating head-on. We’ll diagnose the root cause, whether it’s poor ventilation, a malfunctioning AIO Pump, or other culprits. Let us cool down your system, and prevent any meltdowns!

Hardware Problems

Random issues and things that go ‘bump’ in the night. Is your computer plagued by mysterious hardware issues? Our expert technicians excel at diagnosing and fixing a wide range of hardware problems. Whether it’s a mischievous motherboard or a cranky power supply, we specialize in deciphering and resolving intricate hardware issues.

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Fast Turnaround Times

We’re committed to delivering fast turnaround times for your computer repairs. With our streamlined processes, we can typically complete most repairs within 4-7 business days. However, in situations where parts need to be ordered, there will be a delay in your repair due to shipping (3-7 days). 

Expedited Service Available

real time repair updates

At Springfield PC PROS, we prioritize keeping you informed. Our automated Text Updates ensure you’re in the know at every stage of your repair. Expect clear and timely messages from drop-off to completion, making communication as seamless as our repairs.

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Solid Reputation

With a proven track record of delivering top-notch Custom and Gaming Computer repairs as well as exceptional customer service, we’ve earned the trust of our customers. 

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the positive reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. When you choose PC PROS, you’re choosing a repair service with a reputation built on expertise, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

your ticket to the fast lane


fast track your repair

Enjoy priority handling and service that’s dedicated to completing your repair as promptly as possible. All without sacrificing our quality standards.

Just let us know you need Expedited Service during Check-in and we’ll take care of the rest!

Hey..Psst..we want to make sure you know:
Most Expedited Repairs can be completed within 1-2 business days. However, due to the complexity of some problems, we are unable to promise or guarantee this timeframe even though we will be working diligently to resolve your issue.

navigate your repair journey


Drop Off

Stop by our Shop and drop off your computer. Tell us what's going on and one of our friendly staff members will get your computer checked-in for service.


Typically within 48-72 hours, we are able to start our diagnostic process to thoroughly evaluate your system for issues. This involves a comprehensive assessment to identify any performance issues your computer may also be experiencing.


After completing our comprehensive diagnostics we'll send you a message with an estimate that outlines what we found, what we need to do, what the expected cost will be and any upgrade options available for your system.

We then wait for your permission to get started on service, repairs, and upgrades.

Parts Order

Sometimes a repair will require us to Special Order a replacement part in order to complete your service or repair. Once we have your estimate approval, we'll get parts on order. Most parts arrive within 3-10 business days.


Once we have your approval, (or when parts arrive), we'll notify you and get started on wrapping up the service and repairs to your unit. This also includes our complimentary Maintenance and Optimization to your system.


Once we've completed repairs to your computer, and completed our final system checks, we'll promptly notify you that service is complete and everything is ready for pickup.


Read some of the great things our customers say about us!
Lauren Lauber
Lauren Lauber
Super friendly, faster than quoted repair. They have an adorable dog!!!
Tristan O'Reilly
Tristan O'Reilly
Great service fast, and quality met up with superior professionalism.. I'm very impressed and grateful that they fixed a crashing desktop and tuned up a new one for me!!
Colton Williams
Colton Williams
I brought my PC in for some upgrades and maintenance and it works better than I could’ve imagined! Thank you all for the quick turn around and the constant communication!
Charlie Rosenbury
Charlie Rosenbury
I can't recommend these guys enough. They were knowledgeable, extremely organized and communicative, and very reasonably priced.
Kirk Haynes
Kirk Haynes
Solid business. Professional and reasonably priced. Will be my go-to computer guys
Aaron Autry
Aaron Autry
Very happy with my order.
Michelle Weisman
Michelle Weisman
Excellent customer service and repair work. I’d highly recommend PC Pros 👍
Leroy Johnson
Leroy Johnson
Great job!
I’m very happy I went here, they had a system where it kept you up to date on how the progress was going on the my computer. affordable prices, did general maintenance. Great customer service. And made sure I saw that the computer was working, and was happy with the service. I highly recommend PC PROS
Victor Azoji
Victor Azoji
They did amazing work in fixing my laptop hinges in a timely manner. They also gave text message updates at each stage of check ups and repairs. Totally recommend!