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Many factors can lead to your laptop running hot, we tackle the many reasons why and what you can do to prevent it. Table of Contents Many factors can lead to your laptop running hot, we tackle the many reasons why and what you can do to prevent it.Why So HotOther Causes of OverheatingWhat Happens When Your Laptop OverheatsRandom ProblemsRecent PostsGetting Rid of Your Old ComputerInternet Lingo 101Will That Click Cost You Thousands?10 symptoms on an infected computerYour Free Anti-Virus May Be Letting You down Laptop Cooling Fan System Laptop computers commonly heat up during normal everyday use. Electronic components,
Here at Springfield PC PROS we see tons of computers that are suffering from a Malware Infection. If we had to guess, we would say that about 70% of the computers we come across for computer repair have some form of Malware on them. People think they have taken every precaution, yet things still seem to slip through. That is because the hackers that create Malware are getting better at creating Malware Infections that go unnoticed. The longer they can keep the infection in your computer, the more they have to gain. Of course, this list is not exhaustive but
Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Privacy. Finding the balance between Facebook privacy and Facebook fun can be challenging. It’s a double-edged sword that allows us to connect with friends no matter where they live, but it also publicly shares information that just a few years ago, we’d never dream of putting online. You can search for people based on where they went to school, the town they live in, clubs they belong to, who they’re related to…but when is it too much? Your birthday is the first piece of information collected when you create an account, and it’s
Our tech is something we use every day, and because of this, it can accumulate a lot of dust, debris and especially germs. Your screen may look clean, but some studies show that you would be safer licking a toilet seat in a public bathroom than the screen on your phone. Now that's just gross... It gets worse...that keyboard you type at while eating your breakfast? There's a good chance it’s probably the biggest bacterial threat in your home or office, with about 20,000 times more germs than a toilet seat. Oh, and if you have kiddos...well, let's not go
You’d be hard-pressed to miss last week’s biggest headline, the WannaCry cyber-attack sent shock-waves around the globe. Home computers, businesses of all sizes, and even police departments found themselves crippled without warning. Among the most prominent victims were many NHS hospitals in the UK, affecting up to 70,000 individual devices such as essential MRI scanners and blood-storage refrigerators. However, by the time it hit the news, it was too late – either your system was protected, or it was infected. Here’s how it all went so fast. Lets learn about Wannacry Ransomware What is WannaCry? Table of Contents What
Internet Lingo 101: Cheat Sheet for Beginners The Internet is growing and evolving so fast that even Webster, and his dictionary have trouble keeping up. Here are 12 suddenly common terms that are helpful to know.   Browser Table of Contents BrowserEncryption HTTP and HTTPS FirewallIP AddressISPMalwareRouterSocial MediaSpam and FilteringURL A browser is a free piece of software that lets you view web pages, videos and other online content. It’s a core requirement of going online, as it converts the computer languages like HTML, Javascript and XML into human-readable form. Basically, it takes all the gobbeldy-gook that makes up the webpage and
ALERT: Your Free Antivirus May Be Letting You Down Some say the best way to avoid a computer virus is by using common sense, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be safe from attack. Even the most careful user (including myself) can find themselves infected in an instant and spreading the a virus faster than a sneeze in flu season. This reason Is why antivirus software is still the first package I install on all systems I work on – because you never know when you’ll be attacked. But the real question is, should you choose free or paid antivirus? Advertising: Much
Will That Click Cost You Thousands? Ransomware has undeniably been the biggest security threat of 2016. No-one was safe. Hackers targeted everyone and everything, including home PCs – and they were astoundingly successful – earning themselves upwards of $846million from US reported incidents alone. Business is booming for hackers, with thousands of attacks each day bringing in an average of $640 per target. Perhaps even more alarmingly, the financial cost of each individual attack is on the rise – the more ransomware proves to be an easy earner for them, the more they demand each time. For a quick payday,
5 Ways to Love Your Laptop (and Make It Last Longer) Laptop computers are one of the most fragile pieces of tech you’ll ever buy, but they also receive the roughest treatment. Extend your laptop’s life with these five easy tips.   Avoid sharp movements during use:  While some newer laptops have an SSD drive with no moving parts, many laptops still have mechanical drives which work a bit like a record player. It has a read/write head which is like the needle, and a data storage platter which is like the vinyl record itself. The head hovers just microns over the
The Holiday Shopping Season is here, Learn How To Not Get Scammed The biggest shopping weekend of the year is here. I’m sure you’ve noticed how many pre-Black Friday deals are already available. But for many consumers who shop on their cell phones (last year, mobile devices accounted for over 30% of online Black Friday sales and almost 50% of Cyber Monday sales), we recommend you do your due diligence. The problem? Industry estimates show that two out of three retailers don’t have an iOS or Android app. That provides an incredibly easy opportunity for scammers to create fake apps using legitimate information and recognizable