Custom build part list - #9696
Anthony Ambrosio

Regarding your notes on the build questionnaire, this build incorporates elements of ARGB throughout the fans and case. The motherboard has built in wifi as requested, and the PSU is PCIe Gen 5 compliant with its own cable so we do not have to use the provided adapter for powering the GPU.

Please Note: Due to market conditions, parts availability, and fluctuations in pricing, the total price reflected above is an only an estimated total and is subject to change when your parts order is placed. Estimated total above does NOT include Sales Tax or Build Fee.

Build Fee: Springfield PC PROS will charge a 15% build fee based on the parts cost of the unit . This build fee includes the time for Design, Assembly, OS Installation, Driver Installation, Software Installation, Cable Management, Stress Testing, Optimizations, and making sure your new Custom PC is perfect.

If you have questions, please call us. 417-233-1717